Meet The Team – Laszlo Kiss, Sous Chef

Freak on a Leash

Laszlo Kiss, Sous Chef

Welcome back to our blog series featuring the talented staff at Glas Restaurant. In our second week, we’re excited to introduce you to Laszlo Kiss, one of our top Sous Chefs. Laszlo is an integral part of our kitchen team. He’s a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen and always brings energy to the workplace. In this blog, we’re going to get to know Laszlo a little better and find out what makes him tick.

While Laszlo’s last played song on Spotify was “Freak on a Leash” by Korn, when it comes to his favourite music to listen to while working, he loves to blast 90’s and early 00’s pop. If you’re strolling by Glas one evening looking for our vegetarian food menu, and hear the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC coming from the kitchen, you’ll know who’s on shift that day.

When we asked Laszlo what snack we’d always find in his kitchen, he didn’t hesitate to say “vegan sausage rolls.” He’s always snacking on something, and these are his go-to. We’ll have to get the recipe from him someday! As for the dish that best describes the Glas Restaurant team, Laszlo chose our fermented sweet potato with rainbow chard and spicy nuts. It’s a dish that’s unique, flavourful, and always keeps our customers coming back for more when considering the best vegetables to eat daily.

After a long day in the kitchen, Laszlo likes to unwind with clubbell training. Based on his descriptions of this, it sounds fun but intense! We’re always happy to hear of our staff keeping active. When it comes to his favourite dish on the menu, Laszlo loves our miso-glazed parsnips. It’s a dish that he’s perfected over time, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser.

We were curious to know what drew him to the restaurant industry, and his answer was surprising. “My parents forbade me to become a chef,” he said. “I think that made me want to do it even more.” We’re certainly glad he followed his passion, as well are many of our customers. When it comes to his favourite cuisine to cook or eat, Laszlo loves anything Asian. He’s always experimenting with new flavours and ingredients, and we love trying his latest creations.

One of Laszlo’s proudest moments while working at Glas Restaurant is when he manages to be nice to someone who mentions they are allergic to onions or salt. As chefs, we understand the importance of catering to people’s dietary needs, but it seems Lazlo has a weak spot for both onions. Laszlo takes it in stride and always manages to make the customer happy, no matter what.

Finally, we asked him what food he could eat for the rest of his life, and he said liquorice. “I wouldn’t have to share,” he joked. We’ll have to make sure to keep a stash of liquorice in the kitchen for him. And when it comes to which famous chef he’d want to cook for him, Laszlo chose his mom. We can’t argue with that choice!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Laszlo Kiss, our Sous Chef. He’s an essential part of our team, and we’re lucky to have him as we pride ourselves on being one of the top vegetarian restaurants Dublin has to offer. Stay tuned for next week’s blog, where we’ll be introducing you to another member of the Glas Restaurant staff.

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