Meet The Team – Helen, Chef

Welcome back to the Glas Restaurant blog! This week, we’re featuring our talented chef, Helen. From her love for cooking and soul-warming dishes to her favourite music and snack, we’ve got all the juicy details. Let’s dive in!

First things first, what’s on Helen’s Spotify? Her last played song was ‘Wait’ by NoMBe, an electric soul track which fits perfectly with the genre of ‘chill’ music she enjoys when it comes to music in the kitchen. Helen’s favourite snack to have on hand is pecans, which is a great source of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals…and quite delicious might we add.

When it comes to describing the Glas Restaurant team with a dish, Helen went with “fruit salad” to which she added “yummy yummy”. This dish is a fun, colourful and healthy option that can be enjoyed by everyone. It perfectly encapsulates the fun and inviting atmosphere that we strive to create at our vegetarian & vega-based restaurant.

After a long day in the kitchen, Helen likes to unwind by either watching a crime documentary or heading to the pub for a pint of Guinness. A perfect combination of relaxation and indulgence, after a long day of hard work.

Helen’s favourite dish on the menu is the King oyster mushroom dish, and we can definitely see why. This soul-warming dish is rich and full of umami, making it the perfect comfort food. As for what drew Helen to the restaurant industry, it was simply her love for food and cooking. “It’s more than just a job to me, it’s my passion”, says Helen.

When it comes to her favourite cuisine to cook or eat, Helen chooses Middle Eastern cuisine. With its bold flavours, fragrant spices and healthy ingredients, Middle Eastern cuisine has become increasingly popular in recent years, and we’re always excited to see what Helen will bring to the table.

Helen’s proudest moments while working in the restaurant are when the kitchen team all pitches in to help out during a busy night when they’re short on kitchen porters, showcasing a true sense of teamwork and community.

If Helen could have any famous chef cook for her, it would be Yotam Ottolenghi. Known for his Middle Eastern-inspired dishes, Ottolenghi has become a household name in the culinary world.

Last but not least, if Helen could eat one food for the rest of her life, it would be ramen. This Japanese dish has become increasingly popular in recent years, with its delicious broth, hearty noodles and endless flavour combinations.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed getting to know our talented chef, Helen. From her love of Middle Eastern cuisine to her favourite way to unwind after a long day in the kitchen, we’re delighted to have her as part of the glas team. Stay tuned for more updates from the Glas Restaurant blog!

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